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Ford Says New Air Filter Can Protect Against Coronavirus

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Ford Offers New Air Filter That Could Help Hay Fever and Allergy Sufferers
Photo: Ford

Ford Motor Company of Europe says that a new air filter offered on several vehicles can protect occupants against pollen, dust, and, yes, even coronavirus transmission.

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A lofty claim, but Ford is quite eager to put it out there when discussing its new micronAir proTect filter. Developed by Germany-based filter manufacturer Freudenberg, the oddly capitalized air filter can trap particles as little as 0.05 microns. Ford points out that’s one-thousandth the size of a strand of human hair and less than half the size of a Swine Flu virus particle.

Ford stops short of saying that this will prevent transmission of viruses like COVID-19, but it does say that it’s 99.9 percent effective when virus particles come into contact with its antiviral surface. Freudenberg backs that assessment, but it’s noted that neither can test the filter against SARS-CoV-2 because it’s currently too dangerous to do so.

Using citric acid and carbon to neutralize particles, the filter also offers protection against bacteria, fungi, and yeast.

micronAir proTect helps allergy and hay fever sufferers

Irrespective of how effective the new micronAir proTect air filter is against pandemic-causing viruses, Ford notes that it’s particularly useful for folks who have allergies or suffer from hay fever. Thanks to its multi-layer microfiber barrier, particles like dust and pollen get trapped in the filter. That means no sneezing or watery eyes, which is especially crucial if you’re behind the wheel.

“For many drivers and their passengers, allergies to pollen and dust can cause great discomfort as well as serious health problems,” said Nigel Brackenbury, vice president, Ford Customer Service Division, Ford of Europe. “This filter is a low-cost but effective measure that could protect the health and provide greater comfort for anyone travelling in a Ford vehicle.”

Ford is offering the new micronAir proTect air filter for the Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, and S-MAX. Later this summer, it will be available for the EcoSport, Fiesta, Puma, Tourneo Courier, and Transit Courier.

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