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Nissan Celebrates National Tire Safety Week

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Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Tires are arguably four of the most important parts on your vehicle. While that is true, they also tend to be the most ignored parts of a car until something goes wrong. This week is National Tire Safety Week, and Nissan is encouraging its drivers to check their tires and get in the habit of doing it regularly. The NHTSA estimates that a tire that is inflated less than 25% below its recommended pressure is about three times as likely to be involved in a tire-related crash. Poorly maintained tires also wear out faster and can seriously impact a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Nissan offered six big tips for drivers to help them monitor their tires and get the most miles out of them. First, drivers should make sure that they know their tire’s recommended tire pressure (psi), which should be printed in the driver’s door jamb. While looking at the psi rating for the vehicle, the owner should also make note of the car’s recommended load rating, as overloaded cars blow out their tires. Drivers should always visually inspect their tires, especially before a longer drive, to see if there are signs of damage or low air pressure. Nissan also recommends that tires be rotated and balanced every 5,000 – 7,000 miles so that they wear evenly. As temperatures change, drivers should pay extra close attention to their tires, as tire pressure fluctuates depending on the exterior temperature. Tires will often lose a significant amount of pressure as the weather gets colder in the winter. Last on Nissan’s list is to avoid road obstructions, like potholes and curbs, as much as possible to extend the life of a tire.

Nissan North America’s Senior Manager of Product Safety, Sarah Cardinali, pointed out that drivers of late model Nissan vehicles are in luck, thanks to a technology feature called Easy-Fill Tire Alert. “Checking tire pressure for just a few minutes each month can help protect your family, improve vehicle performance and lengthen the life of tires. Our innovative Easy-Fill Tire Alert system helps drivers fill their tires to their recommended inflation rating with ease.” You can learn more about the system below.

Nissan’s tire care tips are applicable to any car on the road, not just ones that it builds. If you ever have a question about the tires on your car, don’t hesitate to talk to your dealership or a tire specialist. It’s better to get an answer now and not wait for a blow out on the highway or a flat tire right when you need to leave for work.