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Nissan GT-R LM NISMO Backs Out of Silverstone & Spa Races

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2015 Nissan GTR LM NISMO

It looks like the NISMO team still has some things to iron out of the new GT-R LM NISMO race car, as they’ve announced their withdrawal from the first two races of the World Endurance Championship at Silverstone and Spa to focus on continued testing. Nissan’s newest prototype will now make its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The team ended testing early at Sebring after the vehicle suffered a “minor” mechanical failure that they lacked the spare parts to repair. According to the technical director for the car, the issue was related to the engine mounting. The GT-R LM NISMO uses a very unique drivetrain unlike any of the other prototypes that will race at Le Mans, with a front-mid mounted, twin turbocharged V6 and electric motors that, according to Nissan, generate over 1,250 horsepower combined.

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2015 Nissan GTR LM NISMO

Darren Cox, Global Head of Brand, Marketing & Sales at NISMO, told Autosport, “It’s no secret that with such a different car that we have faced a number of challenges, so right now we would rather be testing in April and May rather than racing.”

Hopefully the continued testing pays off, as everyone will be watching the unique prototype’s performance when it debuts at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a race that Nissan is dead-set on winning this year. It’ll also give the drivers some extra time in the seat to get used to this unique new drivetrain.

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