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Nissan Hopeful Cars Will Make A Comeback Soon

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SUVs and crossovers are dominating the automotive market, pushing sedans and other smaller vehicles out of the way. While some manufacturers are choosing to ax their whole car lineup, others aren’t quite sure if such a drastic step is necessary. One of those more cautious brands is Nissan, and they are putting all their faith in kids, the drivers of the future.

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At the launch event of the 2019 Nissan Altima, Jalopnik reports that Nissan brand manager Bruce Pillard said he’s optimistic about the future of car sales in the U.S. because young people will want to buck trends set by their parents. If you think about it, many of the Millennials rode in minivans with their parents and siblings. This made vans very uncool and possibly contributed to the rise of the SUV and crossover as minivan riders needed larger cars for their own families.

While SUVs and crossovers symbolized adventure and capability when they first rolled out with their high clearance and four-wheel drive capability, they’ve quickly become the “normal” vehicle to see on the road. Nissan seems to think that this means the next group of drivers to get their licenses will go back to wanting sedans or sportier coupes.

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It’s an interesting theory to be sure, but we’re not sure how long it will take for opinions to change about this crazy-popular segment. We’ll keep our eyes out of the resurrection of the sedan while we also hope and pray that more of these fun vehicles don’t go off to the parking lot in the sky.

News Source: Jalopnik