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Nissan Reveals 2015 NP300 Navara (Basically, the Frontier)

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Nissan NP300 NavaraNissan teased a new pickup truck last week, and we all mused whether it was a Frontier or a Titan beneath the sheet. We thought, oh, it can’t be a Titan because they don’t sell those outside of North America and surely Nissan wouldn’t be teasing a truck that they won’t be marketing prominently in the United States. Well, the cover has come off, and we’ve got…the Nissan NP300 Navara. So yeah, it’s basically the 2015 Frontier, but they’re going with the global market name and playing up its presence in the Thai marketplace. Know why, America? Because IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

Nissan NP300 Navara

Apologies for that.

The twelth-gen NP300 Navara is on full, 360-degree display at Nissan Thailand’s website and in this fun reveal video from the company’s Bangkok unveiling.

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The 2015 NP300 Navara gets higher ground clearance, a lower roofline, decreased curb weight, and a refined interior and exterior. It will be made available with a variety of body types and powertrains (including a new turbocharged 2.5-liter DOHCC inline-four diesel), as well as in all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive formats and with a seven-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

These are confirmed for the Asian markets, but it is less certain if these options will be making the jump when the Navara becomes the Frontier. Here’s hoping that Nissan’s partnership with Cummins, as displayed in the Frontier Diesel Runner Concept, will come into play in some form or fashion.

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NP300 Navara 5“The Nissan New NP300 Navara sets new benchmarks for performance, toughness, versatility and running costs; all the qualities that are critical for pickup users,” said Andy Palmer, Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer.

“We are confident that the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara will go straight to the top of pickup buyers’ shopping lists in all of the markets where we will sell it. Its combination of striking looks, efficient performance, robustness and durability will allow owners to work and play harder – enriching their daily lives. The NP300 Navara continues the legacy of Nissan’s long pickup history and, like all Nissan models, it will deliver excitement through innovation.”

The 2015 Navara will also get on-the-fly 4×4 shifting, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Active Brake Limited Slip, Hill Start Assist, and Hill Descent Control, which will likely make the transition into the next-gen Frontier.

Gallery: 2015 Nissan NP300 Navara