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Nissan to Bring Over ‘Scoot Quad’ Vehicles for Car-Sharing Service

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Ever wondered what kind of car you could accurately slap the word “Scoot” onto?

This kind:

Nissan Scoot Quad


That is one of 10 “Nissan New Mobility Concept” vehicles that will be deployed in a San Francisco pilot car-sharing program. The name “Scoot Quad” is due to Nissan’s partnership with Scoot Networks, which already provides rental vehicles (although before the Quad’s arrival, Scoot only had electric scooters).

The tiny Nissan is actually a European vehicle called the Renault Twizy, a small, short-distance electric car with a top speed of 25 mph and 40 miles of range. Due to its diminished…well, everything, the vehicle doesn’t quite meet US automobile standards, so will likely be certified under motorcycle rules.

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This is part of a larger trend of car makers getting in on car-sharing services. Back in August, Nissan already started getting in on car rentals by partnering with Enterprise to offer vehicles on college campuses (although with the slightly overt intention of rentals driving car sales). Nissan is joined by Daimler (which offers smart ForTwo models to rent in several US and Eurpoean cities) and Audi (which runs its own rental service in San Francisco).

Despite the short range, these little Scoots will have more range than the company’s current fleet of scooters, which only can go 20-25 miles. Rates to rent the quads start at $8 per half hour, or $80 for the full day.

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