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Oh, Boy! A New Cadillac Pressroom!

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March is here, and that means big things for Cadillac!

Oh, sales weren’t that great again. Well, best not talk about that. Here, look at this! It’s a shiny new pressroom!

new Cadillac pressroom

Look at this pressroom, folks. It’s got a big ol’ slider linking you to your favorite stories about mixed-material manufacturing and “The Seasons Collection!” You can even click on the story about how Cadillac’s sales in the US were pretty good in January (though you won’t find much about the 12.6% year-over-year decline from February).

Know why else it’s great? Videos and galleries and big, honkin’ pictures of cars and people standing by cars and lots of people with microphones and cameras standing by cars.

new Cadillac pressroom

Now let’s take a look at the gross oldness that was the former Cadillac pressroom.

old Cadillac pressroom

Ugh. How drab. How not-luxurious. This new Cadillac pressroom? It’s all about luxury. It’s about white spaces and feng shui and #daringgreatly and Teddy Roosevelt.

March could actually shape up to be a nice month for Cadillac. The CT6 is coming at the end of the month, and it may very well be joined by a replacement for the SRX. Cadillac is a brand that has a lot of cache, and it is going to do everything it can to find some way to turn around its slow start to 2015. Once it does, then we can expect that pressroom to be filled with good news.

The idea, no doubt, is to further separate the brand from General Motors by straying from GM’s boring pressroom template. If Cadillac wants to set itself apart, it’s going to need more than a fancy new press site; it’s going to need transcendent sales.