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Potential of Cadillac in “Batman Vs. Superman” Inspires Little Nerd Rage

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Batman Vs. Superman

Months later, the internet is still picking up the pieces after the explosion that occurred in the wake of finding out that Ben Affleck will play Batman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel sequel.   It raised a lot of important questions, like can Ben Affleck even growl, will they make his costume ridiculous again, and what will he drive?  According to, the Baffleckmobile may very well be a Cadillac in Batman Vs. Superman.

Batman-On-Film’s scoopster, known only as “Dr. Detroit,” reports that the Batmobile is being designed and built by General Motors at their Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood.  Dr. Detroit then goes on to say that the source mentioned an “old Cadillac” featuring prominently in the 2015 film.

Dr. Detroit then goes on to speculate that this may entail a classic Cadillac that evokes the look of older Batmobiles or calling upon one of Cadillac’s more recent concept vehicles to fit the bill.  Thinking back on it now, we think some form of the Elmiraj Concept revealed at Pebble Beach this summer  may just do the trick as your next Batmobile.

While a Batmobile Cadillac in Batman Vs. Superman may not raise the fan boy outrage that casting Bryce Hammond from Phantoms did, it’s certainly a change that will take some getting used to.  Fortunately, given the needlessly destructive precedent set by the Man of Steel, the chances of the Batmobile being destroyed as a result of careless Superman antics are pretty high.

And on the plus side, if Affleck can’t nail the Batman voice, Bat Dad seems willing to step in (though he seems to prefer mini vans).

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