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Active Noise Cancelling Creates Quiet for Cadillac ELR Cabin

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The Cadillac ELR cabin looks as sleek as the exterior

The Cadillac ELR cabin looks as sleek as its exterior!

The Cadillac ELR cabin is so quiet when it’s running on batter power that you could hear a pin drop. In order to make sure that the peacefulness of the cabin isn’t interrupted during the transition from battery power to the gas-powered electric generator, the carmaker developed a way to preserve the peace and quiet through the use of active noise cancelling for the brand’s luxury electric car.

Usually used to neutralize the sound of the exhaust boom at low engine speeds, the active noise cancelling technology used in the ELR is used across all engine speeds. This allows passengers to enjoy a silent ride, even when the ELR is driving long-range.

“Acoustic refinement is an important attribute of every Cadillac interior, and ELR is no exception,” said Chris Thomason, ELR vehicle chief engineer. “Considering how quiet the car is during pure-electric driving we knew the generator sound had to be as pleasant as possible, and we were able to achieve it with active noise cancelling.”

Through the use of three ceiling-mounted microphones and data input from the vehicle’s generator, the system is able to calculate and produce the exact noise-cancelling signal needed, which is then sent through the Bose audio system’s speakers and subwoofer. This active noise cancelling system allows for less sound-deadening materials to be used, reducing the mass of the vehicle, which saves energy and increases performance.

The 2014 Cadillac ELR will be available in the U.S. in January. Make sure to stop by your Cadillac dealerships then to check out what the ELR has to offer!

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