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Ram Launches New Spanish-Language Advertising Campaign

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Ram Spanish-Language Boss Campaign

Ram’s new Spanish-language advertising campaign focuses on the hardworking characteristics of its trucks

When it comes to advertising in the automotive world, it’s important to relate to every customer. This is why Ram has decided to launch a brand-new Spanish-language advertising campaign that targets one of its largest customer demographics.

Ram’s new campaign, which is called “Boss,” celebrates hardworking people who are their own boss and capable of getting the job done day after day. Through a variety of television commercials, this campaign highlights the brand’s superior performance capabilities, while also honoring the characteristics shared by the brand and Latin cultures, including hard work and determination.

“Trucks are one of the top-selling segments among US Latinos and the Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 are among the most popular models,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA Global. “It is important that we reach Hispanic auto-buying consumers with relevant marketing strategies that not only accurately depict the brand, but also authentically capture the lives of such an influential consumer. The ‘Boss’ campaign does this in a way that makes an emotional connection and seamlessly integrates the Ram 1500 into the story.”

This campaign consists of one 60-second and two 30-second commercials. Each of the 30-second commercials focuses on a specific aspect of the Ram truck brand’s models. In the 60 second “Boss” spot, the Ram 1500’s ability to make every day of work easier is highlighted. Regardless of whether the driver is trying to push through terrible weather conditions or is worrying about putting food on the table, the Ram 1500 pickup is there to make sure that any worry is washed away.

VIDEO: Check Out the 60-Second “Boss” Commercial

Next, the first 30-second commercial highlights the brand’s strength and capability. It focuses on the Ram 1500’s 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine and its superior 10,640-pound towing capacity.

VIDEO: See Why the Ram 1500’s Capability is Superior

Finally, the second 30-second spot shows off the Ram 1500 Limited’s ability to get best-in-class 29 mpg highway. Who knew a pickup truck could be fuel-efficient? Well, Ram did.

VIDEO: Learn How Ram is so Fuel-Efficient

The ads are currently running on the Telemundo and Univision television networks. Each spot is also available for viewing online on the brand’s YouTube channel.