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Randy Teens in Jason Mraz’s “Long Drive” Music Video Drive a BMW i3

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Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  4

There are certainly perks to driving a BMW
Photo: Jason Mraz via YouTube

Copulation in cars is becoming a hot motif for music videos these days.

Keith Urban’s “Somewhere In my Car” video recently stirred up controversy with its soft-core fornication scenes, and now Jason Mraz’s “Long Drive” music video follows two aroused teens who can’t wait to find an intimate place together.

Luckily for them, their BMW i3 suits their needs for more than just transportation. And, unlike Keith Urban’s music video that strives to hide its vehicle’s brand, Jason Mraz parades the Solar Orange BMW i3 throughout.

Teenage hormones and Jason Mraz definitely make an interesting promotion of the BMW i3 in “Long Drive” (which you can see below).

Jason Mraz’s “Long Drive” Proves that Electric Cars Turn Girls On

If you don’t know who Jason Mraz is, chances are you haven’t had a girlfriend who’s enamored with the saccharine love songs of the singer-songwriter. With hits like, “I’m Yours,” “Lucky”, and “I Won’t Give Up,” Mraz is the musical equivalent of the Nicholas Sparks ideal for love-hungry women.

Family Guy also sums the man up quite accurately:

Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  Family guy

A clever vignette in which Peter approaches who he thinks is Jason Mraz
Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

Peter: “Oh my god, you‘re Jason Mraz!”

Man: “No I’m not, I’m just some guy with a hat”

Peter: “I know, that’s who Jason Mraz is!”

The Grammy winner’s fifth studio album Yes!, an acoustic collaboration with Raining Jane, features a trilogy of songs. When they’re combined into one short film entitled “We Can Take the Long Way,” the series of linked music videos chronicle a whimsical and heartfelt relationship.

However, when divided into individual music videos, Jason Mraz’s “Long Drive” segment focuses primarily on the young couple’s dilemma of arriving home versus getting intimate.

Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  6

The BMW i3 is able to hit warp speed
Photo: Jason Mraz via YouTube

The video opens with a young man and woman out for a drive (“I don’t want to go home and be alone…As long as I’m with you, we could take the long way.”) after spending a “long night” together.

Judging by the background outside their car, they’ve been travelling through hyperspace for quite some time.

Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  7

The spicy BMW i3 is a music star
Photo: Jason Mraz via YouTube

Their journey takes place inside a BMW i3, in an unabashed product placement to appeal to next-generation buyers.

True, the lyrics may say the speaker’s driving a Chevy Nova, but the sexual tension is too distracting to care about details like that.

Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  3

Plug-in vehicles leave some women hot and bothered
Photo: Jason Mraz via YouTube

Eventually, the woman cannot resist her man (probably because driving an eco-friendly electric vehicle makes all men captivating).

“There’s no defrost and we’re steaming the glass…” the lyrics describe. We assume they stopped and did this while re-charging the i3.

Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  8

Listening to a different Jason Mraz song than the one this music video is for
Photo: Jason Mraz via YouTube

Or, perhaps it’s because women clearly get excited by Mraz’s own music, as that’s what the characters are listening to on the i3’s iDrive infotainment system.

Jason Mraz's Long Drive BMW i3 music  9

Suddenly… fade to an elderly couple!
Photo: Jason Mraz via YouTube

Suddenly, after sharing physical intimacy, the two young lovers are replaced with an elderly couple arriving home in older BMW model. Either the same couple has aged 60 years and spent their life together (which doesn’t explain why they’re driving an older BMW than they were before), or it’s an entirely different couple altogether.

If it’s the latter, then we were essentially introduced to new people to parallel arriving home to the opening lyric, “The thought of arriving, kind of feels like, dying.”

Now doesn’t this feel like a depressing Nicholas Sparks story?

You can watch Jason Mraz’s “Long Drive” video below and see the BMW i3 get steamed up!