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Stalker Gives Paris Hilton a Cadillac, Smashes Its Windows

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Wealthy celebutante Paris Hilton seems to have disappeared from the public consciousness, having been replaced in the national conversation by the Kardashian clan and other famous-for-being-famous personalities. But there are still some loyal fans out there that have remained devoted to the Simple Life star, including the man who left a classic red 1960s Cadillac DeVille parked outside of Hilton’s gated community in Beverly Hills.

Though intended as a romantic gesture, Paris apparently recognized the man as a stalker who had been obsessing over her for years, and refused to accept the gifted Caddy (ugh, friendzoned again!) After Paris went two days without touching the DeVille, the lovesick man—referred to as “Johnny”—returned to where he’d left the car and angrily smashed its side windows.

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According to the Daily Mail, this wasn’t the first time that Johnny has made his affections known, only to have Paris Hilton dismiss his advances as decidedly not hot. Once, he flew an airplane over Hilton’s home, with a banner that read, “Can’t Get Paris Whitney Hilton Out of My Mind.” Another time, he sent her a wedding dress, even though the odds of Paris actually marrying him are less than 50%.

Both of those stories make Johnny sound a tad bit delusional (albeit persistent). But smashing up your own cherry Caddy convertible? Now that’s certifiable.

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News Source: Daily Mail