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Superman Ram Power Wagon Goes Up for Auction, Benefits Charity

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Superman Ram Power Wagon

The Superman Ram Power Wagon

Superman hit the big screen (and flew right through it) in last summer’s blockbuster, Man of Steel. For the film, Chrysler unveiled a really cool, special edition Superman Ram Power Wagon (a tricked out 2500 Power Wagon). The film supported the Warner Bros. flick and was even featured on the red carpet of the movie’s premier in New York City.

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Only one example of the Superman Ram Power Wagon was ever made, which made it highly unlikely that anyone outside of the movie would ever actually get to experience it firsthand. Highly unlikely, yes, but not impossible. That’s because the 2013 Ram 2500 Power Wagon is now up for grabs at Charity Buzz.

Superman Ram Power Wagon Photo Gallery

The current bid is at $47,500, and the estimated value comes in at $112,674. Bidding for the Superman Ram Power Wagon closes at 4:33pm EDT on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, giving interested drivers just two days to go in and snag it. All proceeds benefit LA Family Housing.

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The Superman Ram Power Wagon isn’t just a regular Ram 2500 Power Wagon, however; this baby is a ride fit for an above average man, a special man, a—well, a superman. Some of its special features include a Man of Steel start-up screen and a custom exterior paint job featuring Man of Steel badges and graphics. Charity Buzz has all the complete details on the truck if you’re interested in placing a bid.