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Tangerine Scream Ford Focus ST Ignites Debate

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Vote below... is the Tangerine Scream Yellow or Orange?

Tangerine Scream Ford Focus ST

The Tangerine Scream Ford Focus ST

Editor’s note: Cat Hiles is a British transplant. Her articles should be read in a quippy British accent.

The color of the car you drive says a lot about you. My car is bright green, which tells you I am awesome. Obviously. But if you drive a Ford—specifically a Focus ST—you’re probably utterly confused as to what your color choice says about you. Let’s just say that whoever designs and names certain Ford car colors must live a life full of confusion and hostility.

The debate about the Ford Focus ST began at work one fall morning. I was discussing sporty hatchbacks with my friend, Brad—as you do—when he informed me that he would quite like to own a Focus ST. The conversation went something like this:

Cat: As long as you don’t pick that terrible yellow-colored one.

Brad: You mean orange.

Cat: It’s yellow.

Brad: It’s orange.

Fast-forward at least four months, and the great debate is still raging on. Both Brad and I have involved numerous coworkers in our disagreement, and we each have people in our corners. We agreed that the car has hues of both yellow and orange, although he still says that, in his opinion, the car is primarily orange. To me, there’s no question to the innate yellowness of this vehicle.

Tangerine Scream Ford Focus ST

The world may never know the true color.


So let’s go directly to the manufacturer. The car color is, in fact, called “Tangerine Scream.” To Brad, this is unequivocal proof that the car is orange (even though it’s not). To me, it obviously got that name because someone ate an unripe, slightly yellow tangerine, which made them scream. Who is correct? It appears there is no end in sight.

tangerine scream

A tangerine ready for eating, thus avoiding any screams. Photo by: articotropical

“…it obviously got that name because someone ate an unripe, slightly yellow tangerine which made them scream.”

Things reached a head a couple of weeks ago when a real-life Tangerine Scream Ford Focus ST parked itself right outside the office window, taunting me and forcing me to revisit the debate. It seems that every time we call a truce, I inevitably see a yellow (excuse me, orange) Focus ST in the wild, being yellow and stuff.

Tangerine Scream Ford Focus ST

Yellow or orange: what do you think?

Since neither Brad nor I are willing to back down, we put the vote to you, the people. Help us end this madness, and let us go back to talking about the important things in life—beer, music, and animal puns.

Video Evidence… yellow or orange?

Go ahead and vote below!

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