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The Dodge Demon to Come Equipped with a Standard TransBrake

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The Demon is built to be a lean, mean, drag-racing machine

In case you have missed the last two and a half months of Dodge Demon coverage, Dodge is here with its latest teaser to remind you that the Demon is built to be the ultimate drag-racing machine.

Over the course of Dodge’s Demon media campaign, many of the performance vehicle’s drag features have been unveiled. However, this latest feature may be the model’s largest commitment to the world of drag racing yet.

The Dodge Demon will come equipped with a TransBrake.

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What exactly is a TransBrake, and how exactly does it assist with drag-racing capabilities? Worry not, for Dodge has the answers!

The TransBrake is a performance feature that allows for vehicles to produce higher launch forces. The feature achieves a faster power delivery and a higher engine launch potential by locking the vehicle’s output shaft to keep the vehicle stationary until it launches.

“757” listed again. Hmm …

While most traditional vehicle launches are achieved by holding both the accelerator and the brake down at the same time, a move nicknamed “two-footing,” the TransBrake allows for more consistent and efficient launches, resulting in a 30% reaction time advantage.

Working with the Demon’s Torque Reserve system, the TransBrake is able to help the performance vehicle achieve an 105% increase in launch boost pressure, and an 120% increase in engine launch torque. Additionally, the transmission equipped with the TransBrake system will allow for the engine torque to be applied everywhere from the front of the vehicle to its rear wheels.

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TransBrake technology is nothing new to drag-racing enthusiast. However, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be the first production vehicle to be equipped with the TransBrake direct from the factory.

To see the TransBrake in action, you can watch the latest Dodge Demon teaser below:

It should be noted that the press release from Dodge only mentions an automatic transmission for the Demon. If the Dodge Demon is indeed a vehicle built with drag racing in mind, then that only makes sense, as automatic transmission is used much more frequently in vehicles designed for drag strips.

At this point, Dodge enthusiasts probably know more about the Dodge Demon than they don’t know about the vehicle, thanks to the official and unofficial reveals surrounding the Demon. Nevertheless, even with less than a month left before the Demon’s big debut, there will certainly be more to discover about this drag-racing monster.