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[VIDEO] Dhoom:3 Features Explosive BMW Motorcycle Stunts

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Dhoom:3 Bollywood action movie BMW motorcycle stunts motorcycles 2

Photo: YRF (Yash Raj Films)

Here at The News Wheel, we think there are two things that don’t get enough attention from automotive news sources: motorcycles and Indian cinema. That’s why we’re always excited to come across films that combine both of these. In this case, we’re talking about the BMW motorcycles in record-breaking Dhoom:3.

Since Dhoom:3 has been recently released on streaming media services like Netflix for home viewing, we thought it was worth bringing attention to this wild ride.

Watch the explosive trailer for it below!

Explosive Action Sequences in Dhoom:3 Involve BMW Motorcycles

It’s been nearly a year since the film was internationally released in cinemas last winter, but Dhoom:3 is still making waves around the world. The popular blockbuster went on to be the highest-grossing Indian film to date.

While there’s plenty of time spent on characterization and plot twists, a heavy amount of the running time is saturated with over-the-top motorcycle chases. Even better, many hand-to-hand fights actually take place on BMW motorcycles.

But don’t worry, they’re done infinitely better than in (*cough cough*) Torque or Biker Boyz.

Dhoom:3 Bollywood action movie BMW motorcycle stunts motorcycles 1

Photo: YRF (Yash Raj Films)

The villainous Sahir (Aamir Khan), the circus performer turned vengeful bank robber, is an expert at perilous stunts and hi-tech illusions. Thus, his BMW motorcycle of choice is a K1300R, a muscle bike with the fastest acceleration and power output recorded. The model was launched in 2008 to replace BMW’s old flagship motorcycle, which is perfect for the Chicago setting of Dhoom:3. The 173 horsepower and 1293 cc inline-four engine produce 100 lb-ft of torque and one undeniable quick ride.

Of course, Sahir’s BMW motorcycle, which is always on the run from the cops, is modified to transform into a jet ski that travel underwater. Admittedly, that feature does make his bike much cooler than the real thing.

Dhoom:3 Bollywood action movie BMW motorcycle stunts motorcycles 4

Photo: YRF (Yash Raj Films)

In contrast, the BMW motorcycle model driven by pursuing police officers Jai and Ali is a BMW 1000RR. That model, a sports bike, also went into production in 2008 after being buiilt for the Superbike World Championship. With qualities like traction control and 193 horsepower, this bike model is a perfect competitor for Sahir’s: a bike built for maneuverability and control.

Power versus control. Which BMW motorcycle will rise as the victor?

Dhoom:3 Bollywood action movie BMW motorcycle stunts motorcycles 5

Photo: YRF (Yash Raj Films)

In appreciation of the BMW motorcycle  used in the film, Yash Raj Films produced a short spot highlighting the high-powered engines of the breathtaking action. You can enjoy it below:

Apart from BMW Motorcycle Chases, Dhoom:3 Is a Wild Ride

Dhoom:3 was a hot financial success in a year of big-budget action movies (overshadowing the highly enjoyable Krrish3), and seeing the actors and vehicle stunts in action, it’s no surprise. Along with the suspense and chases through the streets of Chicago, there’s a fair amount of musical numbers. But, with Indian cinema, that’s part of the charm.

This third entry in the franchise is definitely more romanticized than the grittier earlier entries. But, apart from some overuse of slow-motion and paper-thin supporting characters, it’s probably the most enjoyable and polished entry in the series. Obviously, that success is due primarily to Aamir Khan’s tour-de-force performance as the circus entertainer/bank thief.

If you’re looking for a fun, if not admittedly flawed, action movie with plenty of distracting chase sequences (think The Fast and the Furious with bikes and cops), Dhoom:3 is definitely worth three hours of your Friday night.

The trailer certainly proves that: