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Volkswagen is Expanding Customer Payment Relief Options

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Volkswagen expanding customer payment relief
Qualifying customers will have payments waived during these hard times
Photo: Volkswagen

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless lives and businesses over the last few months. Despite these economic troubles, the auto industry has stepped up to extend a helping hand to drivers. Even in uncertain times, maintaining a connection to customers comes first. This is why Volkswagen recently announced that it is expanding customer payment relief options to those affected by current events.

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Expanding customer payment relief for those in need

“This global pandemic and the economic uncertainty that came with it has many of us facing difficult choices and we don’t want purchasing a new vehicle to be one of them,” said Scott Keogh, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America. “We want our customers to know that if the unexpected happens, we’re here to help.”

As part of VW’s expanding customer payment relief options, drivers who have lost their jobs after purchasing a new vehicle will be given an extension for payments. For those who qualify, up to six months of payments will be waived. This can mean up to $750 per month more in the pockets of affected families.

Qualifications and benefits

In order to qualify for these new payment relief options, customers will need to have purchased their vehicle through Volkswagen Credit and be receiving unemployment benefits. Other stipulations include having been employed full time for at least 12 months prior to unemployment and having lost your job due to the current economic environment.

In addition to this payment relief, Volkswagen is giving qualified buyers the option of delaying their first payment. This delay can be for up to 180 days. Zero-percent APR financing for up to 72 months for most new vehicles is also being offered through April 30.

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Stay tuned for more news from Volkswagen on its continued response to the current crisis.