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Will the Volkswagen Passat to be Phased Out for Electric Replacement?

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Volkswagen Passat Electric Replacement
The 2020 Volkswagen Passat might be the end of the line for the model
Photo: Volkswagen

It’s certainly no secret that cars are going electric. The push for vehicles that rely less (or not at all) on fossil fuels has only gotten stronger in recent years, with many of the industry’s best brands leading the charge. New electric or hybrid vehicles are introduced every model year, and each debut brings us closer to a cleaner world. However, in order to clear room for innovative new models, older favorites are often phased out. According to a recent report, the Volkswagen Passat might be next on the chopping block.

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The Volkswagen Passat is a car with history

The Passat is one of Volkswagen’s oldest and most beloved models. Variations on the Passat have been on the market since 1973, and have been known by various names around the world. For example, American drivers would have initially known it as the Dasher. Over the decades, the Passat has made its mark on the automotive world. Whether it was known as the Dasher, the Quantum, the Corsar, or even the Santana, the Volkswagen Passat certainly seemed like it was here to stay.

However, it’s possible that the electric age might see this proud lineage come to an end.

Volkswagen Passat Electric Replacement
Riding off into the sunset?
Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Passat electric replacement?

In a recent interview with Roadshow, Volkswagen of America Chief Operating Officer Johan de Nysschen hinted at the Passat’s fate. “[The] Passat is a car that has a finite lifespan in terms of our planning. It’s probably a reasonable assumption that when this Passat reaches the end of its life-cycle, its successor will probably not feature an internal combustion engine.”

The “this Passat” he’s referring to is the newly revised 2020 American Passat. This newest model offers both internal and external updates at a reduced price. With such a new model still being offered, the process of seeing the model phased out is likely still a few years off. It might be a while before we know what this Volkswagen Passat electric replacement will look like.

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If the Volkswagen Passat is truly destined to be discontinued, one thing’s for sure: it’s been a great ride.