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Volkswagen to Develop Flying Cars for China?

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The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas driving down the road
Could Volkswagen be taking to the skies in China?
Photo: Volkswagen

Ah yes, the flying car. As far as highly desired futuristic technology goes, this idea is as classic as it gets. Many inventors, companies, and automakers have at least considered it, if not produced actual prototypes. Even after generations of research, conceptualizing, and dreaming, flying cars have yet to materialize.

However, this isn’t stopping Volkswagen from becoming the latest automaker to consider the real-world viability of personal air-based commuting. The company is currently looking to develop flying cars for the Chinese market.

An Electric Revolution: The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4

Will VW develop flying cars?

Back in February, Volkswagen released a statement revealing its interest in “vertical mobility” and its viability for drivers. VW is currently in the middle of revolutionizing the EV market with vehicles like the ID.4 electric SUV, and is also investing in autonomous self-driving technology. According to this statement, VW considers the idea of flying vehicles a potential next step in vehicle evolution. “Therefore,” the statement continues, “we are investigating potential concepts and partners in a feasibility study [in China] to identify the possibility to industrialize this approach.”

This makes VW the most recent automaker to jump on the vertical mobility bandwagon. Currently, both UBER and Hyundai are developing electric flying taxies, and companies like Toyota and Porsche have invested in electric vertical takeoff and landing, or eVTOL, technology.

Developing flying vehicles for the Chinese market is definitely a smart business move. Not only is China currently the biggest market for Volkswagen vehicles, it’s also the single largest auto market on the planet. This makes the country the perfect proving ground for vertical mobility tech, as well as the safety and logistical hurdles that developing such tech will entail. Not only will potential flying vehicles need to be tested and retested, but an entire system of regulations and infrastructure will also need to be instituted.

A Stylish SUV: The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan

Could Volkswagen be the first automaker to successfully develop flying cars for the consumer market? Only time will tell.