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[Watch] Ford Has a Valentine’s Day Surprise for Service Industry Employees

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Ford Fiesta Valentine's balloons

When it comes to holidays that regard togetherness as a commodity, those in the service industry tend to be overlooked. If part of your Valentine’s Day plans entail dinner out, you might not take the time to stop and think about the sacrifice made by the waiters, valets, cooks, concierges, bartenders who must work instead of spend time with their loved ones.

Ford, ever in love with surveys, commissioned a poll of 1,253 restaurant workers, bar staff, receptionists, and concierges in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom to be conducted by Penn Schoen Berland. What it found was that service workers have taken any number of steps to get out of having to work Valentine’s Day so that they can instead spend it with their significant other. This includes 1 in 3 trying to get out of working, 1 in 10 calling in sick, and an untold number who have faked an emergency or broken down car and scores more who have quit outright.

Watch: Ford’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

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While Ford could not unhinge the machinations of capitalist society (nor would it likely hope to), it was able to provide a special, romantic evening for a few select service industry workers. So, hey, that’s something!

“On Valentine dates couples only have eyes for each other. But how their evening goes depends in no small part on those who are sacrificing their own nights out to do a great job,” said Greg Dawson, vice president Communications and Public Affairs, Ford of Europe. “They are the true heroes of Valentine’s Day—and what better way to recognize their efforts than to make them the center of attention.”

Ford Fiesta Valentine's balloons

Also, just in case you forgot that this was a Ford thing, there’s a red Fiesta with heart-shaped balloons floating from it. Whee!

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