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Wicked M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe Reveals the Dark Side of BMW

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Proof that BMW produces the sickest safety cars around

black BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe front grille
To commemorate 17 years as the official car of MotoGP, the BMW M Division has designed a sinister-looking safety car for the 2015 racing season. While this cold, calculating coupe is obviously decked out in the latest M Performance Parts, it’s hiding a big secret under its sleek red-and-blue hood.

To keep up with the world-class MotoGP riders and achieve the highest degree of safety in motorcycle racing, the M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe has been outfitted with BMW‘s revolutionary water injection system–the first model to do so.

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M4 MotoGP Safety Car Pumped Full of H20

black BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe schematics diagram

While we don’t have all the schematics on how the water-injected engine works, we do know that it’s intended to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption. By bypassing the thermal limitations, the water-injected system will provide efficient cooling and reduced exhaust emissions while withstanding high boost pressure. The debut of the water injection system on the safety car precludes mass production of the engine later this year.

Other notable upgrades to the 2015 M4 are special side skirts, a titanium exhaust system, carbon-fiber rear spoiler, carbon front splitter, LED light bar,  and much more. Frankly, the sleek body and brooding color scheme make the safety car intimidating; knowing it performs as well as it looks is icing on the cake.

BMW’s M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe will be arriving at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show to promote the upcoming motorcycle racing season. And, since the safety car was created for MotoGP, check out the two-wheel safety bike BMW produced too.

black BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe motorcycle

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