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Autonomous Nissan LEAF Impresses in Japan

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Autonomous Nissan LEAFThe age of lounging in the back of your car while it drives you to work is probably at least decades away, but the auto industry is taking steps towards this. Most recently, Nissan has been testing its autonomous Nissan LEAF in Japan.

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On the test track, the semi-autonomous LEAF can keep itself within the lane and stop for other cars, when needed. This LEAF has also been given permission and a license plate by the Japanese government to start tests on the streets of Japan. Official Nissan testers have even driven the autonomous Nissan LEAF at speeds over 40 mph.

Nissan’s Advanced Driver Assist System in the LEAF will allow it to drive down the road, change lanes, pass cars, and exit the highway, all without human assistance. Currently, the technology uses off-the-shelf PC components and expensive lasers to keep it on the road.

Watch this video to see the autonomous Nissan LEAF in action. What do you think? Are you counting down the days until you don’t have to drive any more or do you prefer to keep your hands on the wheel?

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