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Chevy Introduces a New Monza Sedan for the Chinese Automotive Market

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At the Guangzhou Auto Show, GM revealed that China would be receiving another new Chevy sedan model

Meet the Malibu’s sportier cousin: the Chevrolet Monza

Stateside sales for sedans have been on the decline for most of 2018. While the sedan is losing steam in the U.S., it is still a popular segment throughout China.

That explains why the Chinese market is receiving a brand-new sedan model from the Chevrolet brand: the Chevy Monza.

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Chevy revealed the new model during the Auto Guangzhou 2018 event in China. Chevy showcased it alongside the Chevy FNR-CarryAll crossover.

The Monza will be similar to the Malibu in terms of both size and style. Yet, it will have a sportier aesthetic than that belonging to Chevy’s other mid-size sedan.

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Chevy’s signature double honeycomb grille design adorns the front end of the Monza, which also features high-gloss black chrome trim runs. Additionally, the Chevrolet Monza model includes three-dimensional LED light-conductor daytime running lamps, reportedly a new feature for Chevy’s passenger car lineup.

This isn’t the first Chevrolet model to bear the Monza moniker. In fact, the original Chevrolet Monza was manufactured between the years of 1975 and 1980.

A look at the original Monza model

Prior to this, the Monza name was used by various special-edition Chevy vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Corvair Monza back in the 1960s. “Monza” is the name of an Italian city famous for its Formula One heritage.

If you’re hoping to see the Monza added to Chevy’s domestic vehicle lineup, don’t hold your breath. GM has confirmed that, at least for the moment being, the new Chevrolet Monza will likely be exclusive to the Chinese market. Yet, if the Monza does well enough over there, it has the potential to make its way over here eventually, perhaps even as a replacement for the Malibu.