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Did Nissan Just Spill A ‘Star Wars’ Spoiler?

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Star Wars Spoiler 2Nissan is one of the brands partnered with Lucasfilm for its release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi this December. To our delight, that means we get to see more Star Wars show cars, and we’re still holding out hope for a Star Wars special edition vehicle that we can take home. Like last year, it seems as if Nissan’s auto show booths will have a Star Wars theme to celebrate its connection to the films (and grab attendees’ attention). Some eagle-eyed LA Auto Show attendees point out that some elements of the booths and VR Experience might technically be spoilers for the upcoming movie.

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Before you close the window to avoid spoilers for The Last Jedi before its December 15th release, know that the spoilers aren’t something earth-shaking, like who Rey’s parents are, or whether Poe Dameron and Finn finally admit their feelings for each other. No, these possible spoilers are fairly minor. It’s the names and images of new robots that may be appearing in the film.

Star Wars Spoiler

This one looks like a pretty princess droid and we’re okay with that

You’re probably laughing, because this seems like such a trivial thing to be considered a spoiler in most film and TV universes. However, considering how tightly Lucasfilm and Disney guard Star Wars secrets, this could be a significant reveal. Without further ado, check out the video introducing the Nissan-powered Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay VR Experience featuring four new astromech droids.

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Jalopnik reported that the four droids were all present in Nissan’s display at the LA Auto Show, and according to them all Star Wars material was created and printed by Lucasfilm, so if there is any slip-up it’s not Nissan’s fault. We’ll see in a few short weeks if these droids play an important role in the new film, or if we just got excited for nothing. The Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay VR Experience will be at select dealerships starting on December 6th.

News Source: Jalopnik