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Dodge Demon Comes Standard with Only One Seat

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An inside look at the Dodge DemonPhoto:Dodge

“I’m solo, I’m ridin’ solo!”

Given the trend of the past few weeks, we really didn’t expect to hear any news regarding the Dodge Demon until tomorrow, when the next Demon teaser video is set to be released. However, it would appear that details have arisen surrounding the Demon’s incredible 200-pound weight loss program. For those hoping to bring the whole family out on a drag race in the Dodge Demon, the revelation may not be the most comforting one.

According to Motor Trend, the Dodge Demon will come standard with only one seat.

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In order to contribute to the massive reduction of weight for the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, Dodge will remove the back row of seats and the front passenger seat. The loss of the Demon’s seats results in a loss of 113 pounds for the vehicle.

To achieve the rest of the vehicle’s weight-reduction goal, Dodge will also remove the trunk lining, spare tire, parking sensors, and all of the speakers, sans the front door speakers.

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The Demon will also utilize lighter alternative materials, such as new aluminum brakes and a 29-mm hollow sway bar.

18 pounds of NVH components are  set to be removed, which means that the engine powering the Dodge Demon will have an even louder roar than the current Hellcat variation.

"I'm working on my ROAR!"Photo: Walt Disney Studios

“I’m working on my ROAR!”
Photo: Walt Disney Studios

In total, the removals and changes made to the current Dodge Challenger model will result in a loss of 232 pounds. Since this is an overestimate of the 215 pounds reported, the Demon will obviously add some components that add up to 17 pounds. What those components will be is anyone’s guess.

With only one standard seat within the cabin of the Dodge Demon, driving the performance vehicle probably won’t help you win over any travel companions. But who needs friends when you have the Dodge Demon?

The Dodge Demon is ready to burn rubber, and a lot of it

“It’s just me , myself, and I. Solo ride until I die.”

News Source: Motor Trend