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Dodge Tests New Lease Program for Charger and Challenger

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Lease Program for Charger and Challenger (Anniversary Editions pictured)

2014 Charger and Challenger 100th Anniversary Editions

It’s no secret that automakers have a hard time selling current vehicle models once the upcoming year’s model is revealed. Cars are huge purchases, and most buyers are willing to wait several months to get the latest and greatest model, causing automakers to slap profit-blowing incentives on current year cars just to get them off their lots. Enter Dodge: in a bold move, the manufacturer will test an innovative lease program for Charger and Challenger models.

As Dodge prepares to unveil the updated Charger and Challenger models at the New York Auto Show, it’s also revealing a new and exciting lease program for current models. The deal is called the Dodge Double-Up and will offer a one-year lease on any 2014 Charger or Challenger, and within the year, the buyer can move into a three-year lease on the 2015 model of either vehicle, in the same monthly payment and no additional money down. If the buyer decides to buy the 2015 model instead, they will receive a $1000 incentive.

Sounds great, but what about all those 2014 models coming back to the dealership from the short-term lease? Turns out, Dodge has though that through also. Enterprise Holdings (who operates the Enterprise, National, and Alamo car-rental brands) has signed an agreement to take in the 2014 Chargers and Challengers as they come in from the short-term leases.

According to, the new lease program for Challenger and Charger vehicles will begin Thursday, April 17, and run through August. Pending a successful run, Dodge would likely continue to offer the Dodge Double-Up incentive in future years.

What do you think? Would this lease program get you into a new car today?