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Ford China Sales Slide 18% in January; Lincoln Continues Positive Momentum With 5K+ Sales

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Ford Motor Company

Sales woes continued for Ford in China last month with the automaker delivering 75,990 vehicles and seeing sales decline 18% year-over-year from the start to 2017. Changan Ford Automobile (CAF) sales slid 29% at 46,888 vehicles delivered; Jiangling Motor Corporation (JMC) sales were up 13% at 22,794 vehicles delivered; Lincoln sales continued to trend upward, rising 7% with 5,008 vehicles delivered; and import sales fell 36% at 1,300 vehicles.

“As we reposition our Ford business in China, SUVs, luxury, and commercial vehicles are key priorities of our strategy this year,” said Ford Asia Pacific President and acting Ford China CEO Peter Fleet. “We are pleased that our focus on these areas continues to generate positive results for both JMC and Lincoln.”

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Fleet is currently overseeing Ford China operations in the wake of former CEO and Chairman Jason Luo’s sudden departure last month. A proper successor is expected to be announced at a later date.

CAF sales sagged by nearly 20,000 vehicles from January 2017 as a result of every vehicle in its lineup experiencing double-digit year-over-year declines in volume. JMC sales were brighter, with the Transit (3,241 sold, up 14%), Tourneo (389 sold, up 95%), JMC Pick-Up (6,580 sold, up 26%), and JMC Light Truck (6,822 sold, up 41%) all delivering positive momentum.

Lincoln continued its impressive run of growth with another month of sales exceeding 5,000 vehicles. Lincoln was led in terms of growth by the Continental, which grew 136% year-over-year with 1,200 sold. The launch of the 2018 Navigator helped provide a 37% boost in sales for Lincoln’s full-size SUV.

“Sales of Continental are strong, and the market’s reaction to the launch of the all-new Lincoln Navigator in January is also very positive,” said Fleet.

Imports were down as sales of the Focus ST/RS, Mustang, and Explorer all fell double digits. Ford also sold three F-150 Raptors in January.

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