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Meet the 8-Second Mitsubishi Evo X

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8-second Evo X

For all his talk of 10-second cars, maybe Dominic Toretto should have given the Mitsubishi Evo X a try rather than his usual Dodge-sponsored American muscle car.

The Evo X is getting fairly old by now. Production was discontinued in May 2016 but the car ran on the same platform for nearly a decade. It has four cylinders, five speeds, and four doors, making it seem rather benign compared to performance cars of the current day—benign, that is, until tuners from Extreme Turbo Systems and English Racing got their hands on one.

One can only wonder what kind of black magic they injected into the Mitsubishi, which they ran in the quarter mile with a time of just under 8.49 seconds and a trap speed of 164 miles per hour. According to 1320video, which brings you the video of the run below, this is not only a new Evo X quarter-mile record but also one of several record passes made by the same tuners.

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The last Evo X to be produced in the United States made 291 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. We wonder how much power this one made. The all-wheel-drive system seems to be struggling to keep it all under control at launch (in fact the driver consistently rolls a little at the start to avoid destroying the diffs and transmissions) and the car could probably benefit from a sequential transmission to get that quarter-mile time even lower.

Then again, we’ve little doubt Extreme Turbo Systems and English Racing are going to keep working on the car, so we may very well see the record broken once more within the year.

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