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New Subaru Concept Looks and Sounds… Interesting

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2019 Subaru Forester Sport
It looks a bit like this, but louder and bluer
Photo: Subaru

Subaru is one of the few automakers capable of producing vehicles that have — and are likely to continue to — define modern safety for years to come, cultivate a brand that cares as much about the world as it does its bottom line, and have fun at the same time with high-performance models like the WRX, WRX STI, and BRZ. The newest Subaru concept car, which was recently unveiled at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, seems to lean hard into the latter category, but maybe not in the way you’d expect.

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At first glance, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the blindingly blue body paint and bright red accents. Look a little bit closer, and you might see the under-glow lighting, lime green brake calipers, the low-profile tires enveloping the 20-inch wheels, and the heavily tinted windows.

Peruse the interior, and you’ll be hard-pressed to miss the dark colors accented by red stitching, premium leather seats and dashboard, enormous touchscreen infotainment system, and blue footwell lighting.

What you’re almost guaranteed to notice, if not at first glance, then certainly upon further examination of the concept car, is its name and resulting acronym.

The vehicle, located in the Subaru booth at the auto show, sits proudly on a podium that proclaims the name Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition. You can work out the acronym for yourself.

Because Subaru has yet to post anything on their central media site, this story was originally reported by Top Gear Philippines, and later by The Drive. As such, there are no readily available photos of both the car and the acronym, save for those taken by Top Gear’s onsite photographers.

The 2020 Forester: Just not blue, and lacking the acronym

The Drive’s James Gilboy wondered whether the acronym was some sort of prank by a Subaru intern, noting the fact that the first letter of every word except for “edition” was both bold and capitalized. He further speculated that — both because of the lack of official information on Subaru’s part and the “eye-searing” exterior design — that this particular model is unlikely to hit dealerships.