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Nissan Frontier Set to Explore Archealogical Wonders of Brazil

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Photo: Nissan

A Nissan Frontier is at the helm of a time-travel adventure of Brazil’s oldest and most amazing archaeological relics including “the country’s most stunning rock art sites where history goes back 10,000 years,” reports Nissan.

Starting on Sept. 26, the trek, “Nissan expedition: on the search for Brazilian origins,” will employ a convoy of 12th-generation Nissan Frontier pickup trucks to transport explorers and journalists throughout Brazil’s easiest and most difficult terrain. The trek will go through Minas Gerais in the southeast and Piaui in the northeast.

“Guests will visit archaeological sites and have an immersive experience with researchers, archaeologists, and many others who work to protect the sites,” explains Nissan.

Among the amazing sites, travelers will spy cave paintings that prove the “presence of the first human settlements in rock shelters used more than 12,000 years ago,” Nissan reports. “It’s a project targeted at promoting the country’s significant archaeological sites, some of which are recognized by the United Nations for their importance to the collective interest of humanity.”

Available in 33 Latin American countries, the newest Nissan Frontier features a “reinforced chassis that makes it four times more durable, while being lighter and more efficient. The ladder chassis with a double ‘C’ structure design enhances rigidity and prevents damage from external forces,” explains Nissan.