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Nissan Kicks Unveiled In Time For Rio Olympics

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Nissan Kicks Concept

The Nissan Kicks in concept form

The Nissan Kicks started life as a concept at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in 2014, and we have been promised a production version pretty much ever since, with the confirmation finally coming in January of this year. When it was first unveiled, Nissan basically introduced it as the car equivalent of the soul of Brazil. That makes it especially appropriate that the production version of the Nissan Kicks would be unveiled in the country that inspired it.

Take a look at what’s rolled off of the assembly line below.

The production version of the Kicks closely resembles the concept version unveiled two years ago. The grille bears the chrome “V” that is now typical of Nissan crossovers. Its overall styling and contours, however, seem slightly less dramatic than what we’ve come to expect from Nissan. The concept was originally designed by teams in California and Brazil, and the style of the vehicle certainly reflects the two regions’ lifestyle in the warm sun.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has confirmed that this new crossover will be the official vehicle of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. The first time the car will actually move on pavement in front of crowds will be on May 3rd, when it helps start the official Olympic Torch Relay in Brazil. The Kicks will then continue with the runners along the route to help support them in the long journey ahead.

While the vehicle has been promised to Brazil and Latin America, there is no word yet on if it will ever come to the United States. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, and admire it when we see it in coverage of the upcoming Summer Games.