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Nissan Makes the Invisible Real at CES

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Nissan_CES_2019_Day_Two_14_sourceThe Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is drawing to a close this weekend, but what Nissan brought to the event will keep everyone talking for months more. Called Invisible-to-Visible, or I2V, the new technology concept would merge the digital and real world together on a Nissan vehicle’s windshield.

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According to the automaker, the I2V system will bring together information from cameras and the car’s sensors with data from the cloud. Instead of just seeing a city, users would be able to determine what a business they pass is, where to park, and other useful traveling information. Nissan hopes that this technology will make driving a more enjoyable experience. However, we wonder if any eventual rollout of this system will just serve as another dangerous distraction.

To be fair, Nissan introduced I2V as part of its Nissan Intelligent Mobility program, which has the ultimate goal of producing autonomous cars. While there are options for what this tech would look like with a human behind the wheel, it seems like a lot of it is aimed at passengers in a self-driving vehicle. For example, in an autonomous vehicle, drivers can reach into the “Metaverse” to find a local guide for an unfamiliar area for tips and tricks, or make the weather outside appear sunny when it’s really cold and dreary. The technology projects what it “sees” onto the windshield, almost like a kind of video game.

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Even when the driver is in control, Nissan’s Seamless Autonomous Mobility tech monitors the road around the vehicle to alert them to upcoming traffic issues, blind corners, and the best lane to travel in.

This technology is certainly exciting, but we’ll all have to wait to see if the concept comes to production vehicles, and in what form.