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Roger Federer Does His Best McEnroe and Agassi Impersonations for Mercedes-Benz

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Roger Federer stars in Mercedes commercial parodying John McEnroe and Andre Agassi

While Rafael Nadal may remain devoted to Kia, it turns out Mercedes-Benz has all of the tennis spokesmen it needs in Roger Federer.

That’s because Federer is capable of playing the parts of four tennis legends, himself included!

Don’t believe us? Check out the latest commercial from the luxury automaker, in which Roger Federer does excellent impersonations of Rod Laver, John McEnroe, and Andre Agassi.

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Titled “Timeless Legends,” the clever video stars Roger Federer as an ageless tennis star who arrives on the scene as “the kid” in the 1960s, a la Rod Laver (who actually appears in the video as himself). Federer starts throwing temper tantrums in the 70s (a parody of volatile John McEnroe), before getting some blonde hair extensions in the 80s (a nod to Andre Agassi’s iconic toupee).

In each vignette, Federer is accompanied by an era-appropriate Mercedes-Benz SL. The ad illustrates how the model has aged gracefully over the years, remaining a cool and sophisticated status symbol in each of the last five decades. In the final shots, Federer is shown driving the current 2017 model.

“By putting Roger in an inherently sharable, fully digital campaign, preceded by a week of teasers on MBUSA’s social channels, we hope to provide some entertainment for tennis fans and pique interest in our own icon among social- and digital-first consumers,” said Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. “The Mercedes-Benz SL evokes the iconic design that lasts through the ages, which pairs well with the legends of tennis and the origins of Roger’s stature today.”

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