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Snowboarding Gets Nissan GT-R Upgrade

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Snowboarding Nissan GT-R

Let’s be honest. Pretty much everything is better with a Nissan GT-R. You can take down your Christmas tree with relative ease (if you hate all of your ornaments), blow your grandmother’s mind, and win endurance races all in one day. If you’re near a racetrack when it’s covered in snow, you can always go snowboarding while being towed by the legendary sports car. If that race track is the legendary Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium, you’re pretty much obligated to go out for a spin.

Obviously, we at The News Wheel would like to remind you that any time you drive in the snow, you should be careful to ensure that you do not lose control of your car. This Nissan GT-R is on a closed track and is being driven by practiced drivers. Please don’t do this in suburbia.

The snowboarder being towed by the Nissan GT-R looks like a much colder version of a water-skier being pulled by a large boat. While the car seems to enjoy rolling around the snow-covered track, the snowboarder seems less equipped to take on the challenge, wiping out quite a few times.

Once the snow is gone from the track, check out the RSRNurburg channel to see powerful cars take to the storied Spa-Francorchamps track and other European venues to drive around them as the designers intended.