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Strong Sales for Ram Help FCA Maintain a 2 Percent Sales Increase in January

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While FCA's other brands lost sales last month, sales for Ram actually increased by 24 percent

2019 Ram 1500

FCA managed to achieve another consecutive month of sales growth, thanks to the Ram 1500

2018 was an incredible sales year for Fiat Chrysler, as overall sales were up 9 percent by the end of the year. A sales year like that can often be tough to follow. But even with harsh winter weather and a government shutdown, the Fiat Chrysler brand still experienced a sales growth of 2 percent last month.

By the end of January, FCA sold a total of 136,082 vehicles. That’s just a bit more than the 132,803 vehicles it sold in January 2018.

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The Ram brand actually accounted for most of this sales growth. Ram sold 39,649 vehicles last month, a 24 percent sales increase compared to January of the previous year.

The redesigned Ram 1500 seems to be attracting quite a few new customers for Ram. Sales for the pickup truck were up 19 percent, with a total of 34,889 units sold.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

Even with the Wrangler and Cherokee maintaining impressive sales, Jeep’s overall sales fell

Unfortunately, the rest of FCA’s brands actually lost sales last month. That includes the lucrative Jeep brand, although sales were only down by 2 percent.

Indeed, the Wrangler’s sales continued to rise, with an 11 percent sales increase last month. Additionally, Jeep sold 15,138 Cherokees in January, with sales climbing 4 percent.

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Dodge similarly experienced a 2 percent sales decline. The performance brand just barely missed the mark, selling 27,077 vehicles, rather than the 27,600 vehicles it sold during January of 2018.

Dodge Journey sales experienced significant growth last month, increasing from 3,362 units during January of 2018 to 7,232 units. Charger sales stayed stagnant, with a increase of only 17 units.

Every Chrysler model lost sales last month

The sales losses for the Chrysler brand were far more significant. FCA only sold 9,054 Chrysler vehicles in the U.S. last month, a sales loss of 14 percent.

Not even the Chrysler Pacifica could escape declining sales. In fact, Pacifica sales leveled off at 6,963 units, a sales loss of 13 percent.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Might Alfa Romeo’s mighty comeback be coming to an end?

The most surprising sales result from last month may just be a 30 percent decline for the Alfa Romeo nameplate. Stelvio sales were down by 11 percent, while the Giulia’s sales plummeted 44 percent.

Unusually frigid temperatures that affected a large portion of the country may have kept potential buyers away during January. February’s sales numbers should show whether these latest sales results are an anomaly or a trend.

Until then, you can explore how each FCA brand did during the first month of the year using the sales chart below:

FCA January 2019 Sales