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Subaru Loves the Earth Expands Recycling Initiative

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Three young people recycling waste through Subaru Loves the Earth
Saving the Earth, one recycling trip at a time
Photo: Subaru

Subaru has always been passionate about protecting and restoring the environment, and they’re proving it again. As part of the Subaru Love Promise, the Subaru Loves the Earth program encourages communities across the country to show their love by helping to preserve it through recycling initiatives, environmental cleanup events, and waste collection drives.

Subaru Loves the Earth has had remarkable success in 2019. Following a partnership with TerraCycle® — the world’s leading waste collection and repurposing group — Subaru was able to divert two million pieces of garbage from landfills since July. Now, the automaker is expanding its recycling network to over 160 REI stores across the U.S.

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REI is a popular outdoor retailer that operates locations in 37 states. As of October 23, Each one of these stores houses a TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box donated by Subaru. The program aims to encourage shoppers to use these boxes to recycle any garbage they accumulated while camping or hiking so that TerraCycle® can use the collected waste to produce products like park benches, playground materials, or picnic tables. Subaru will donate all of these recycled items to communities that can use them.

Subaru is starting the program off by hosting several one-day recycling collection drives at select REI locations throughout November. These events are an ideal time for participants to get rid of more than just candy bar wrappers. Subaru is encouraging people to bring unwanted items like tents, yoga mats, and bike tires and tubes, all of which will be repurposed to enrich the community rather than pollute it.

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In a press release, Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing , Subaru of America, Inc, said, “We are thrilled to welcome REI stores into our Subaru Loves the Earth program, joining our motivated network of environmentally conscious retailers across the country who have already shown great initiative in our quest to keep the outdoors beautiful and make the world a better place, one piece of recycled material at a time.”