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5 Fun Facts About the New Volkswagen Arteon

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the latest Volkswagen models at Chicago Auto Show

The new Volkswagen Arteon has turned many heads with the fresh design it brings to the VW lineup. Its unveiling earlier this year has given a taste of the changes coming to VW in the near future.

VW has taken to its news site to familiarize its fanbase with some fun facts that people may not know about the Arteon.

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Name origin

Arteon originated from “artem,” which is the Latin word for art. This model exemplifies the word with the craft demonstrated down to the very last detail, like its enveloping front grille and frameless windows on each side.

Long wait

Production marks a three-and-a-half-year mark from when early conversations began about the VW Arteon. Now it is finally on schedule to debut this spring.

Inspired by sharks

Designers took inspiration from the athletic look of hunters in nature, like sharks. This helped them design its coupe-like outline.

More space for friends

Most fastback cars leave backseat passengers uncomfortable, due to their lack of interior room. However, the Arteon ignores this stereotype and provides its occupants with space to sit back, relax, and cross their legs.

Room for belongings

Most sedans in the modern age can’t touch the Arteon, when it comes to cargo space. Its trunk offers 27 cubic feet of cargo space. When you fold down the back seat, you increase its total to 55 cubic feet.

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