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Dodge Demon Can Run on Either 100+ High-Octane Fuel or 91-Octane Unleaded Fuel

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Button, button, who’s got the button?

Up to this point, the marketing team at Dodge has bragged quite a bit about the Dodge Demon’s drag-racing capabilities. Of course, if you want to conquer the drag strip, then you need the right fuel for the job.

Fortunately, Dodge just revealed that the Dodge Demon can run on either 100+ high-octane fuel or 91-octane unleaded fuel.

From the way that Dodge describes the differences between the two available fuels, the 100+ high-octane fuel is track-preferred, while the basic 91-octane fuel is better for everyday driving. The much more rare high-octane fuel variety is set to be available at select gas stations and drag strips.

To prepare the Demon to utilize this high-octane fuel variety, drivers will have to use separately-shipped Direct Connection Performance parts. These parts include a new powertrain control module and a switch bank for the center stack, which includes a specialized “high octane” button.

By using the high-octane fuel instead of the base unleaded variety, the Demon’s HEMI engine can extract more power and optimize spark timing. This in turn will create more impressive elapsed times for drag racers behind the wheel of the Dodge Demon.

Now while it won’t hurt the engine to combine the fuels, Dodge warns customers that the high-octane fuel only reaches its full potential if it is not mixed with unleaded fuel. Or should we say its “fuel” potential?

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To view an exaggerated representation of loading your vehicle up with high-octane fuel, watch the latest teaser for the Dodge Demon below:

You can start up you favorite Europe song, because it is officially “The Final Countdown!” Only one more teaser, titled “Judgement Day” and set to be released tomorrow, remains for the Demon viral campaign. Soon, all will be revealed surrounding the mysterious 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.