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Dodge Unleashes “The Legend of the Dodge Brothers” Ad Campaign

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Promotes all-new 2015 Challenger

Over the weekend, the Dodge Brand released an exciting new ad campaign, centered on the 2015 Dodge Challenger, called “The Legend of the Dodge Brothers.”

"The Legend of the Dodge Brothers" tracks the very beginnings of the Dodge Brand.

“The Legend of the Dodge Brothers” tracks the very beginnings of the Dodge Brand.

The 30-second spot is called “Ballroom – They Dreamed Big” and takes us back to a swinging party a century ago, where the two Dodge brothers, Horace and John, are living it up and celebrating life, dancing, being tossed into the air, and at one point even knocking over shot glasses with some type of ball in a makeshift bowling game.

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There is also a 15-second spot that humorously states that it made sense to measure a car’s power in terms of horses back when the Dodge brothers started out, but now, it’s a different story.

2015 Challenger | The Legend of the Dodge Brothers

Measuring power in terms of horses just doesn’t make sense for the 2015 Challenger.

“Dodge has a very specific DNA, a bloodline that traces back to the Dodge brothers’ passion for making great cars,” commented Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC. “The new campaign captures the spirit of innovation and enthusiasm the Dodge brothers had when they founded the brand 100 years ago. Everything Dodge does today honors John and Horace Dodge’s legacy. Their spirit lives on through this campaign and the Dodge vehicles of today.”

Discover “The Legend of the Dodge Brothers” in the two clips below:

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