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Volkswagen Reports November Sales Numbers

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VW publishes its November sales reports
Photo: Volkswagen

SUV’s are dominating the American market, and Volkswagen has the numbers to prove it. In their November sales report, SUV’s like the Jetta, Tiguan, and Jetta were responsible for 55 percent of the brand’s sales. These impressive numbers led Volkswagen to its most profitable November since 2016.

The Volkswagen Jetta led the charge, with 8,966 units sold in November. Following closely behind were the Tiguan and Atlas, which achieved 8,402 and 7,756 models sold, respectively. Interestingly enough, the year-to-date sales increases for each model progresses in the opposite order, with the Atlas gaining 40 percent, the Tiguan 25 percent, and the Jetta 15 percent.

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All in all, Volkswagen has sold 176,293 SUVs in 2019, an 18 percent increase over the same time in 2018. One hundred thousand six hundred forty-two of those units can be attributed to the Tiguan, which marks the first time a VW SUV has crossed 100,000 sales in one year.

SUVs weren’t the only big winners in VW’s lineup this November. Year-to-date sales of certified pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles increased by ten percent, with the 2019 11-month total already surpassing the entirety of 2018. The e-Golf also posted impressive numbers, shipping 59 percent more units during November 2019 than in 2018. Even more incredibly, the current year-to-date sales increase for the e-Golf is a staggering 306 percent.

Werner Eichhorn, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, VW, North America Region, responded to the brand’s November sales in a recent press release. “Our SUV lineup has shown consistent strength, helping us outpace the market throughout the year. November’s Atlas and Tiguan sales show that we’re continuing to meet customer demand as we make up ground in this segment.”

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